Extract from the OS/2 Computing! electronic magazine, June 96 issue.

Posted locally with permission.

In this section, I have reviewed three of the most popular software packages around for OS/2. These Email packages offer not only the main purpose to read and reply to messages but each offer different utilities in order make its users as happy and productive as possible.

OS/2 Computing! has also created the Editor's choice award; awareded to the best package of all.

OS/2 Computing! has reviewed these giants in terms of its usablity, features, customer support and the amount of bugs. A mark was assigned as such out of 10.

Reviewed Email programs:
  • Post Road Mailer v1.05e
  • MR/2 ICE v1.00
  • PMMail v1.5

  • Author: Ronnie Ko <ronny@unixg.ubc.ca> WWW: http://iceonline.com/home/ronnyk/